Connect with our local chapter:
Hearts for HD
Sell Heart Pin-Ups in your school, company or establishment to help us support the HDSA mission!  You can sell these Hearts for any price, most sell for $1. You can sell to friends, family, and co-workers. You can ask local stores to help you sell them and they can display them up on their walls to raise awareness for HDSA. Click Here for more information on HDSA'a Hearts for Huntington's Pin-Up Campaign.  

Cocktails for a Cure
Partner with local bars and restaurant's to raise funds for HDSA.  Click here for more information on HDSA's Cocktails for a Cure Campaign.  

HDSA In Your Genes Day
Talk to your manager, superviors, principal, or oganization leader to ask if they will allow a dress down day where anyone can wear jeans if they donate to the HDSA In Your Genes Campgain.  To learn more about In Your Genes Day Click Here.   

Family Fundraiser
Have a creative idea of your own?  Start your HDSA fundraiser with the help of our HDSA Family Fundraiser Info Sheet.  

Hounds for Huntington's
Organize a fun day for the family pooch to come to the park and raise funds and awareness for HDSA.  Click here for more information on HDSA's Hounds for Huntington's Campgain

School Fundraiser
There are lots of ways to get your school involved with HDSA!  Click here for ideas on doing an HDSA school fundraiser.   

Selling blue HD bracelets is a great way to support your cause and raise awareness.

 Accessories Sale
​ Create and sell personal jewelry, buttons, shirts, hats etc.

Car Wash To Cure HD
A car wash at a high-traffic location, use multiple people and wash several cars at a time.

Fundraiser at a Local Restaurant (Portion of Proceeds Event)
Many restaurants and establishments will offer deals to costumers if they donate towards the charity. Restaurants and companies also have discounts such as 20% give back to HDSA and gift cards that you can ask them to donate to use  for a silent auction or raffle item at one of your events. Call your neighborhood contacts today and ask! 

For more information and to get started contact:
HDSA Regional Staff: 
Meghan Coan, Regional Development Director NY/NJ
505 Eighth Ave, Suite 902  New York, NY 10018
Tel: (212) 242-1968 ext 236